Cause and Effect is a highly experienced, unconventional, and innovative marketing communications team. We are built on truth, creativity, and successful outcomes for our clients.

Truth. Our seasoned brand experts empower clients of all sizes. You pay for just the key resources you need. Not big agency overhead. Our strategies are designed to meet your immediate goals and enhance your brand equity long term.

Truth. We can work seamlessly, alongside your agency, your inhouse team, or in your house, if necessary. Preferably on the dining room table. We are a virtual team but can be on site if/when you need us.

Truth. Yes, we love start-ups.  And entrepreneurs. And we keep non-profits close to our hearts. We are woman owned and all of us (women and men) were born with genetic entrepreneurial syndrome.

Truth. Budgets, large or small, are meticulously planned. Once approved they are adhered to on time, in real time, every time.

Truth. We come highly recommended but stay humble. We love what we do and would enjoy meeting with you. In fact, we embrace good people and causes wherever we go. Fair warning. We eschew jerks. Life is too short.

Heidi Hedquist featured on Art & Design for Bloomfield Cable talking about Cause & Effect.

Cause and Effect from Bloomfield Township 2 on Vimeo.