Cause & Effect understands the power of a great story and we love being the storytellers for the brands we serve.

We believe in keeping our clients’ messages at the forefront of minds of the publics they need to captivate. Whether that means a major press announcement, event or sharing an insight from a subject matter expert, our goal is make sure our customers are never truly dark and avoid peaks and valleys in their narrative.

We don’t believe in false promises and know that securing front page headlines isn’t an easy task, although we’ve done it countless times. We think creatively and look for ways to gain traction, coverage and awareness for our clients that go beyond traditional news outlets.

We live in a news cycle that moves at a sprint, and we know that stories can be fleeting. We seek out opportunities that allow us to gain impact and establish our customers as go-to experts in their fields. We strive to help our clients create news making events and initiatives without ever sacrificing budgets or integrity.

It’s our job to stay on the pulse of the industries we serve and to anticipate places in which our clients can become part of the conversation and have an impact.

In addition, we are there to strategically navigate challenges that may be faced along the way. Crisis communication is an area we are equally well-versed in and we stand by our customers every step of the way when deep water scenarios emerge.

Our team is made up of former journalists and editors. We have covered breaking news and pitched major pieces. We understand how the two worlds must work together for a long-term, successful relationship and we strive to always make that so.

Below are a handful of recent stories featuring some of our clients and partners.