D2N (Detroit2Nepal Foundation)

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Client: D2N (Detroit2Nepal Foundation)

Challenge: Detroit2Nepal Foundation (D2N), though a well established organization, had no public awareness beyond its existing private donor base. Cause and Effect’s team was charged with finding a way to put D2N on the map increasing awareness and financial support.

The Solution: Cause and Effect extensively researched opportunities and found the perfect outlet for D2N with Over the Edge Detroit. This provided D2N the chance to host a fundraiser unlike any other happening in Detroit. This gave D2N direct access to engage an untapped enormous market of potential supporters and donors. This high-adventure event gave individuals who raised a minimum of $1,000 the chance to rappel off the iconic First National Building in downtown Detroit. Partnering with Bedrock Detroit, Opportunity Detroit and Quicken Loans, the event drew thousands of supporters. Hundreds of participants raised funds with the hopes of securing a spot on the ropes.

Results: In its first year more than $200,000 was raised for D2N’s initiatives in Detroit and Nepal. That number doubled to over $400,000 in 2016. Additionally, the Detroit event is considered a signature event for Over the Edge U.S.A. Media coverage was extensive with every major Detroit network and outlet providing stories including lead front page coverage on the Detroit News and Detroit Free Press the day following the festivities.